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Have you suffered childhood family trauma?

Take a moment to reflect on these questions. Write down your thoughts for each question. Doing so will give you the opportunity to explore yourself and what issues you may have as well as the way they impact you today.

Do you feel like you can't develop a healthy relationship (platonic or romantic) or find yourself struggling with them?
Do you worry that people will leave you?
Do you worry that you aren't worthy of love?
Do you find it difficult to spend time with your parents or family for more than a short amount of time?
Do you feel disconnected or "different" from others?
Do you feel like other people don't understand you?
Do you have a history of unhealthy relationships with substances (e.g., food, alcohol, drugs, gambling)?
Do you find it difficult to trust or rely on other people because you think they'll end up hurting you in the end?
When you think about your childhood, are there large amounts of time that you don't remember?
When you think of your childhood, do you feel sadness or loss?
Have you been told that you “overreact?”
Have you been physically, emotionally,  verbally, or sexually mistreated by someone who was supposed to care for you?

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