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Are you codependent?

Take a moment to read through each of these questions. Write down yes or no for each. At the end you'll be able to determine whether you have an issue with codependency.

Have you ever missed work because of a relationship with a person?

Has a relationship ever caused you to be unhappy in your life? 

Has your reputation been impacted by your relationships? 

Have you ever regretted manipulating a circumstance? 

Have you ever used your influence to get money to pay off debts or household expenses? 

Has being in a relationship made you less driven or ambitious? 

Have you felt the need to exact revenge following a fight or disagreement? 

Did you feel compelled to restate your position after winning a debate? 

Did you frequently hold onto a relationship until all hope was lost? 

Have you ever taken out a loan to support another person? 

Have you ever sold something to give your friend money?

Were you hesitant to buy essential items because you thought it might cause a disagreement? 

Do you care less about your own and other people's well-being because of your relationships? 

Have you ever stayed longer than necessary in a humiliating or hazardous situation?

Have you ever dragged an old hurt into a discussion you’re having about your current situation? 

Have you ever committed, or considered committing, an illegal act to give someone money? 

Does your relationship make it difficult to sleep? 

Do disappointments, frustrations, or arguments, make you want to change the other person? 

Have you ever considered destroying yourself because of your actions or reactions in relationships?


If you check yes to five or more of these questions, it means that you struggle with codependency.

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