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Update on Karina's Bill From a Domestic Violence Advocate

Although disappointing, both Rahimi and Karina’s bill were stalled in the Senate with plans to reintroduce them when the new session opens in the spring. The reason being that several issues with the bill (e.g., questions of enforcement) weren’t resolved in time to act on the bill. This isn’t acceptable as this could cost lives.

What do domestic violence advocates want from this bill?

Being one of the many domestic abuse victim advocates I’m working with others to have judges issue a search warrant when issuing an emergency order of protection.Doing so would allow law enforcement to remove any firearms they find during the search. This would strengthen the current law which leaves it up to the victim to request a firearm be removed. Hence this is more of a small technical fix. Nevertheless, this is still important because many people whose firearm owners ID (FOID) was revoked still have guns (e.g., 30,000 cases in Cook county, IL). This simply is not acceptable because domestic violence advocacy training organizations have found that a gun in the home increases the risk of homicide by 500% in cases of domestic violence.

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