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Domestic Violence Stats This Christmas

Regardless of how pessimistic people are about domestic violence, domestic violence advocates say statistics are shockingly worse than anyone thinks. According to the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence (NCADV) nearly 20 people per minute are physically abused by their intimate partner. This means that more than 10 million women and men are abused each year. Therefore, domestic abuse victim advocates are responsible for fielding over 20,000 phone calls to domestic violence hotlines throughout the nation on a typical day. It also means that domestic violence accounts for 15% of all violent crime.

Who do domestic violence advocates say are affected by these statistics?

Although much of domestic violence advocacy training focuses on women, they’re not the only ones who are affected. Domestic abuse victim advocates have found that 40% of abuse cases are against men. Unfortunately, domestic abuse victim advocates have also found that children are badly affected too. (Something that happens even when these children aren’t the direct victims of said violence.) In fact,1 in 15 children are exposed to domestic violence yearly - 90% of whom are eyewitnesses of this violence.

How do domestic violence advocates see these stats change at Christmastime?

These stats grow even worse over the holiday season. Those who’ve undergone domestic violence advocacy training so they can be on the frontlines helping victims have seen a 20 - 50% increase in calls for help needed.

Why is help from those with domestic violence advocacy training needed more throughout Christmastime?

Unfortunately, the COVID 19 lockdowns of 2020 created a perfect storm during the holiday season that year. Domestic violence advocates say that many of these elements haven’t changed since then.


People that had substance abuse problems before the holiday season now find that they have even more license to indulge. Domestic violence advocates have found that this type of abuse typically comes immediately before 47% of domestic assaults. Furthermore, your domestic violence advocacy training will also teach you that 92% of abusers had indulged in such substances at some point during the day of the assault.

More Time at Home

Many offices shut down so people spend more time at home throughout the holiday season. This forces couples to spend more time together so victims don’t have as much of an opportunity to get out of the home and seek the help that they need from domestic abuse victim advocates.

Holiday Stress

Many households face increased stress throughout the holiday season. This is especially true of financial stress, but there are other types of stress as well (e.g., being around family).

Pressure to Put on a “Happy Face”

Since Christmas is supposed to be a time of great cheer, this is an image that many victims feel pressured to maintain regardless of what’s going on in their home life. In your domestic violence advocacy training you’ll learn that many victims feel ashamed of their abuse. Unfortunately, this is even truer throughout this time of relaxation and celebration. Therefore, many victims don’t seek help from domestic abuse victim advocates throughout this period choosing instead to ‘keep up appearances.’

The Stress of the Season

There are many types of stress associated with this season (e.g., holiday shopping, finances, planning). Domestic violence advocates have found that all these things can aggravate those personalities that are already volatile.

What can you do about domestic violence this holiday season?

It’s never too late to get domestic violence advocacy training so you can help those who may be struggling this season. For this reason, I encourage you to take some time to read through this blog and learn more about domestic violence from my perspective as a domestic abuse victim advocate. I also encourage you to consider buying a wreath or making a donation to help support my continued work here at Healing Family Trauma Pittsburgh.

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