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New Membership Site Open January 1, 2024!!!

Who’s this content for?

This material is for friends and family who know someone who’s experiencing domestic violence as well as those who are advocates for those who’ve experienced domestic abuse.

What will you find on this site?

On this site you’ll find content regarding domestic violence. Most of this content is written in a way that’s descriptive of what I’ve been through and isn’t organized in any specific way. However, in the members’ only section there’s more organization. The content will still be written in a similar fashion as to what you’re accustomed to, but the content will be different in that it’ll pertain more to how you can advocate for victims and survivors in your daily life.

When is the site updated?

This site will be updated on a monthly basis. New information and training will be made available and you will be notified as to what these consist of so that you don’t have to look for them yourself.

Where can I get help if needed throughout this content?

Throughout your membership I’ll be available to answer your questions via email. If I feel that your question is something that’s pertinent to other members I may make a post or create content addressing it. There may also be times when I choose to create a class for members who are looking for additional resources on a specific topic.

Why a membership site? 

Family, friends, and advocates have a unique opportunity to help and support survivors. Oftentimes these people are the first ones that survivors turn to before engaging legal services. Having a positive first experience here makes all the difference between whether they choose to continue seeking safety or go back into isolation and continue being abused. Knowing what you should and shouldn’t say will help them receive the support and safety they desperately need.

How should you use this site?

This content will assist you in supporting someone who’s navigating domestic violence. It shouldn’t replace professional assistance, court orders or law enforcement’s involvement 

when appropriate. Instead, you’ll be equipped with information, language and suggested ways in which you can respond to challenging, harmful and potentially dangerous situations. Hopefully, by reading through this material you’ll feel equipped to advocate for the survivors of domestic violence.

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