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On a small hiatus...

I realize that I should have posted this before but things have been a bit rough. My family and I are going through some things right now and will be moving to Springfield, Illinois in about a month. I hope to be back to work on this site by then.

This site's title was a bit of a concern to me for a while until I did some thinking... Most of my family trauma happened in Pittsburgh and hence the name "healing family trauma" is what the site is about and "Pittsburgh" is where my action occurred. So, this site's name won't be changing.

As for the future... I still plan to start coaching. I've also started a site making wreaths and may have another business to share with you soon. My plan is to be a successful entrepreneur like I'd believed in doing this year, but it may take some time.

I hope you'll stick with me throughout this tumultuous time. I didn't plan for it to rain and when it rains it definitely pours. Maybe this is another chapter in my "story," but for now I don't want to say too much. Thank you for supporting me as always and I'll be back very soon.

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