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Tina Turner: Abuse Survivor

Well many people know Tina Turner as an iconic Rock star, they don't know her as Anna Mae. They also don't know the story behind the music.

So who is Anna Mae?

Anna Mae was born on November 26th 1939 to Zelma and Floyd Bullock. At the time of Zelma being pregnant with Tina she was also being abused by Floyd. Zelma never did really bond with Tina. Eventually she left Floyd who would then go on to abandon Tina with her grandparents. Unfortunately, this has led us to notice that Tina also had attachment issues.

Was Tina also a domestic abuse survivor?

Tina eventually married her manager Ike Turner. He was also abusive towards her. On a road trip to Dallas, Texas he beat her so badly that she had two black eyes. When he fell asleep in the hotel room that night Tina took off with only 30 cents in her pocket. She never looked back and managed to become a huge success even though she started with nothing.

What does this say to others who has survived both child and domestic abuse?

In the 1980s Tina came out as a spokeswoman against domestic violence. (This was a time in which domestic violence wasn't even being discussed much.) Her message is one of not only surviving but thriving. It's a message that tells us that even when all odds are stacked against us we too can thrive. In this way it's a message that shouldn't be ignored, but should be very encouraging.


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