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What does domestic violence mean?

Victims of domestic violence often suffer from physical, emotional, and psychological trauma, which can have long-lasting effects on their mental and physical health. For me, it was a combination of various traumas that led to my diagnosis of complex post-traumatic stress disorder (CPTSD).

It is important for victims to seek help and support from friends, family, or professional organizations to break the cycle of abuse. It is also important for those throughout the community to recognize the signs of domestic abuse so you can support the person in any way possible.

What are the different types of abuse?

When most people think about domestic abuse they think of physical abuse. While this is the most visible type of abuse, it isn't the only one. There's also sexual, emotional, psychological, and financial abuse.

What is physical and sexual abuse?

This type of abuse is known as intimate partner violence (IPV) and can have serious physical and psychological consequences for the victim. It is important to recognize the signs of IPV and seek help from a trusted source if you or someone you know is experiencing it. For me, it occurred sexually whenever Chuck wanted fucked he'd make it clear that I wasn't as good as his ex-girlfriend. No matter how hard I'd try I could never be good enough and yet he put it in my head that I needed to measure up. Of course, it didn't help that my parents were also abusive and raised me to be a people pleaser.

What is emotional abuse?

Emotional abuse can be just as damaging as physical abuse and can have long-lasting effects on a person's mental health and well-being. It can lead to anxiety, depression, and low self-esteem. All of these are things that I experienced as a child of a narcissistic parent. This then made the domestic abuse look and feel normal as Chuck was a narcissist too. Such actions are never acceptable and seeking help is crucial for those experiencing emotional abuse.

What is psychological abuse?

Psychological abuse can include constant criticism, belittling, or humiliation; controlling behavior such as monitoring phone calls or internet usage; and gaslighting, which is manipulating someone into doubting their own sanity or perception of reality. Chuck was especially good at gaslighting. My escape route was to go into the mental hospital and they believed that I needed to be there because of the way Chuck twisted my brain to think abnormally (more about this at another time).

What is financial abuse?

Financial abuse includes stealing money or property, forging signatures, and coercing a person into signing over their assets or property. This is another thing that Chuck was good at. He managed to have my parents sign over a car to him - one that they wanted to give to me. Additionally, he refused to go to work and then continually blamed me saying I'm the reason he couldn't work.

What should you do about domestic abuse?

Healing Family Trauma Pittsburgh in Pittsburgh, PA is designed to provide support and resources for individuals and families who have experienced domestic abuse. I aim to help them heal and move forward in a healthy way. As a survivor, I understand the importance of this and will always do my best to support you in your recovery.


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