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Everything you need to help you heal from family trauma...

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Intuitive Healing Readings

As an intuitive healer I am able to help you get to the heart of the matter with a Tarot reading. My certification as a life coach is helpful here in I'm able to guide you in a way that'll benefit you. Here's your opportunity to get the answers and clarification you need 

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Other services coming soon...

I am currently working on creating other "services" that I feel will help you grow past your trauma. These include:

  1. A Buddhist sangha (keep an eye on The Lotus & The Cross for future announcements)

  2. A coaching program (currently being outlined)

  3.  Books and courses (ideas welcomed as this is a future goal, not something currently in the works)

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Relationship Coaching

As a Buddhist dharma teacher I have a solid knowledge of Buddhism. These are coupled with my degree as a chaplain to create a Christo Buddhist system of ethics. Thorough knowledge of this practice comes from a time of personal development during which I was able to learn things that help me as a relationship coach and that I share with you at

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FREE Safety Planning

Are you or someone you love facing domestic violence? Do you need help creating a safety plan? I'm available to help you through this for FREE. All you have to do is...

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