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Hello. My name is Bre (they/them). I'm the face behind this website, the one that you'd probably like to get to know. So, here it goes...

This site is more than a commitment, it's a passion. While that may sound weird, as a survivor of family trauma I feel like I've seen a lot of hurt in my life. Now that I've found my way to healing I want to share this journey and the ability to heal from the trauma with others. 

Throughout my life I've experienced:

* Family trauma, most likely generational: Both of my parents are narcistic, my mother is physically abusive, my father is verbally abusive, passive aggressive, and neglectful.

* Domestic abuse: My partner was verbally, emotionally, and sexually abusive.

* Homelessness

Chaplain Bre Hoffman certification

Most of this journey is documented in my "book" which is available for free on this site. As an advocate I feel that many survivors can benefit from knowing they're not alone. However, that isn't the only thing I wish to accomplish with this site. I'd also like you to know that I'm here as a:

* Certified chaplain and relationship coach: I work with clients to help them better understand their relationship whether it's a current or past one. In doing so I'm creating worksheets/books, classes, and will eventually be offering one-on-one coaching sessions.

* Buddhist dharma teacher: Buddhism has played a significant role in helping me heal and I believe it can truly help others too. Eventually, I'd like to open a trauma informed sangha.

* Tarot reader: I believe that the answers we need can be found deep within ourselves. When you engage with me in a reading it's my goal to help you find these answers for yourself.

What makes me "qualified" to help others (besides the fact that I've been there myself)?

* I graduated from Westminster college in 1997 with a BS in psychology.

* I graduated from Christian Leaders institute in 2023 with chaplaincy and life coaching certifications.

* I will graduate at the end of 2024 with a Buddhist dharma teacher certification.

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Springfield, Illinois



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